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Bitcoin & crypto #altcoin Exchanges

~ The exchange is where you buy, swap, sell or trade your crypto currency. It is similar to a stock exchange or share market.

Not all coins are on all exchanges, so you may have to transfer from one exchange to another

generic graphic of various unknown stock prices

  • Coinspot - an elegantly simple and fast to load exchange with access to the top 80 coins in the market. No fancy-pantsy charting tools or wiggly lines, just clean and easy to use. Instant cash transfers from POLI or next day with BPAY makes this a speedy one.

  • BTCmarkets -- no muss, no fuss: trade the top coins instantly. You can transfer BTC or ETH into the BTCmarkets exchange from your Coinbase account and start trading immediately without needing bank ID (until you want to use $$ or BPAY)

  • -- for more advanced users, trade hundreds of coins and access huge amounts of trading data, wiggly lines and candlestick charts. (Can be slow to load)

  • SpectroCoin -- simple exchange which also offers a prepaid debit card, so you can spend your crypto currency as easily as using a Visa card

  • Independent Reserve -- here you can buy crypto or bitcoin using your SMSF, superannuation or retirement funds

  • Cryptonomos -- a new exchange which comes out with a lot of new ICO's. So far they have brought us WAX, RentBerry, INS, NTK, HKN, PKT, HST, ICOS and WTT.

  • RobinHood -- this is for stocks and shares, currently, *not* for crypto. (Not yet, but the fee-free crypto exchange is planned for release soon). Commission-free stock exchange which makes money from interest on cash settlements.