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Existing coins we like (non-ICO)

These are coins which are for sale or trade on open exchanges. They are not ICO's, we just like the coin and/or the technology project behind them

IOTA - a coin which boasts super fast speeds of settlement and "zero transaction fees". IOTA carries this out with a clever system: every user is a miner and you must process two transactions or "favours" for others before your transaction goes through, for free.

POWR - PowerLedger is a decentralised way of buying and selling electricity without going through the power companies. Great for solar energy users, as you can sell your power to anyone, not just the electricity company. Richard Branson was one of the first investors, and Australian icon Origin Energy has also invested.

Monero - A truly anonymous trading coin. (Bitcoin is masked but not totally anonymous). Unable to be tracked, traced or verified, this is the coin for Secret Squirrels everywhere.

Boston - the first "coin of coins". A safe and diversified investment where you buy one coin which invests into up to 200 top cryptos and up to 200 of the top technology stocks.

SALT - the first lending platform for all of your coins. If you believe that your Bitcoin or other altcoins will rise in value, you do not wish to "cash them in" for purchases. SALT allows you to take a loan against your crypto portfolio, and hold your coins as they rise in value. You supply the equity, they supply the cash. (WARNING: These loans are designed to use cash to pay normal expenses. Borrowing against crypto to invest into more crypto can be an issue. Be sure you know what you're doing, or consult a financial planner before considering borrowing to invest.)

To seek out new coins for your research, you can try ICO Hunter, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or other social media outlets.

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