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Coinlancer -Earn Crypto by Freelancing

Coinlancer is an Ethereum based platform where freelancers and clients connect remotely through smart contracts. On Coinlancer, clients post tasks for completion, and seekers can find new opportunities. Payments for a job offer are made in Coinlancer (CL) token once the rules set in the smart contracts are met. Coinlancer is the most accessible freelancing platform built on Ethereum. It relieves the users of bureaucracy and imposed restrictions by anonymous authorities. The system empowers freelancers and clients with the security of payments, transparency, and bias-free dealings. Since the system operates on the blockchain, all user accounts/identities and transactions are encrypted and made accessible. This kind of arrangement often helps to file/resolve a dispute, rate a freelancer or a client, and benefits both-freelancer and client.

The process of Coinlancer is simple:

  1. Agree to terms

  2. Deposit funds

  3. Deliver projects

  4. Approve the project

  5. Escrow disburse the funds Coinlancer token

Coinlancer can be used by independent professionals to create profiles, share work portfolios, and communicate with potential employers/clients. Organizations can source entry-level and expert-level freelancers for temporary contracts on the platform. On registration, a crypto wallet is automatically created. A user does not need an alternate wallet to make/accept payments on Coinlancer.

Coinlancer is primarily a utility token and can be utilized to avail services of the Coinlancer platform. However, token holders can issue CL tokens on Ethereum public blockchain or trade it for other digital or traditional currencies on exchange platforms. As the freelancing platform becomes popular among users, there will be a demand for more CL tokens which would thereby increase value for the existing token holders. Coinlancer will charge a 3% platform fee to clients, in contrast to traditional freelancing platforms that charge up to 15% of the total fee payable as their revenue.

Coinlancer can be traded at Vindax.

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