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Crypto payments made *simple*

OK, I am old. I am old enough to remember when there was an internet but no worldwide web. It was tough. Not "trekking uphill through a snowy wasteland fighting wolves" tough, but it did feel like a whole new wild frontier.

I remember sending emails to weirdly convoluted addresses and posting in newsgroups with names that ran into a hundred or more characters. I remember before Google and Netscape when a website had an address which was just a bunch of random numbers that you had to write down and type in by hand; god forbid if you got it wrong. The internet was complex, unforgiving and hard to use... and then along came DNS.

Instead of typing 10.aspx.1.347.pirc.ji.27 you could simply type in or and you would be taken to the correct place. The "human readable" DNS codes were simply a mask that redirected a word or phrase URL address to the complex machine-readable address, and made life simpler for us humans.

When Satoshi (god bless him) created bitcoin, it had long convoluted addresses which were "machine readable" and looked like this: 3FZbgi29cpjq2GjdwV8eyHuJJnkLtktZc5. It is a lot harder to remember this alphanumeric string than a name, a BSB and account number or a phone number. These types of addresses were how you send bitcoin to another person, and if you put in even one wrong character, the funds were lost forever.

The geniuses at Unstoppable Domains have come up with a great crypto address solution, similar to how a word or phrase URL will direct you to the machine code.

You can purchase your own chosen word or phrase, and this will redirect to your crypto wallet, or your website. Next time someone asks you for your bitcoin address, instead of having to copy and paste 34 random characters and send it to them before they can transfer funds, you can simply say "My address is SarahJones.crypto" and it's done.

You can also set up a website under the same domain, eg. SarahJones.crypto will be your personal website if someone types it into a web browser, or SarahJones.crypto will be your crypto wallet address if someone is sending you funds. Simplez :)

Aside from making things simple and easy to remember, the Unstoppable Domains are also excellent value. A normal website domain name with a redirect can cost more than $20 per year, so if you can pick up a domain with one payment *for life*, then it's a bargain.

We purchased "cryllionaire.crypto" for $40 as a one-off, with no payments to make ever again. What will your Unstoppable Domain name be?


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