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Presearch- get paid to search the web

Presearch is a community-powered, decentralized search engine that provides better results while protecting your privacy and rewarding you when you search.

We believe that the best way to compete with the massive, centralized, and monopolistic corporations which currently dominates search is to build a framework that enables people from all over the world to collaborate to build an open and decentralized search engine.

Presearch is essentially going to be a nonprofit; eventually it's going to be owned or operated in a decentralized way. Presearch is an alternative to Google to protect your privacy and have more choice over where you search and how you search, plus you can earn rewards in PRE crypto tokens when you run searches. These tokens can be used to buy services or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

Presearch puts the power, control, and rewards back into the hands of the community that is building and using the platform, aligning all of our interests.

The amount currently provided to searchers is 0.25 PRE if they search through the search engine on

Each user can earn between 0.25 to .05 PRE per search up to 8 PRE tokens every 24 hours. After you hit the 8 PRE threshold searches are not rewarded until the 24 hour time period resets at 12 am-midnight UTC

25 PRE tokens can also be earned when you refer a new user through your referral account.

The number of PRE that a user has earned is then multiplied by their PRE level to determine the number of tokens they are eligible to withdraw. Each user must collect at least 1000 PRE to initiate a withdrawal. After a withdrawal is initiated, it must currently be approved first. Presearch strive to complete withdrawals to your external wallet within 3 business days from the requested date but may experience delays from time to time depending on the fees and congestion on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

The main use cases for Presearch tokens are: To reward searchers for running their searches through Presearch To reward promoters for referring new users to Presearch To reward node operators for contributing computing resources to power the platform, and to help secure nodes To enable advertisers to have their ads displayed under certain keywords that the advertisers ‘stake’ their tokens against

There are a number of other use cases that will come in the future, and we are very excited about the opportunity provided by staking.

The other option to get PRE token is to buy it:

  1. Direct from Presearch via Presearch Token Marketplace

  2. From third-parties via external markets as listed

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