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Spend your crypto anywhere with the Ternio Crypto Visa Card (USA)

BlockCard is a cryptocurrency debit card powered by Ternio, a company launched in 2018. BlockCard is currently being offered in the United States and has plans to expand to the United Kingdom and surrounding European countries.

By the time this article is written, BlockCard got the first rank by . According to the BlockCard website, users are able to start spending crypto in minutes. They can register for an account, deposit cryptocurrency, and make purchases anywhere VISA is accepted.

One thing that is nice about BlockCard is that users get both, a virtual card and a plastic card mailed to them. This means users can start using the card shortly after registering for a BlockCard. The website states that users can have a card in under 5 minutes.

You must deposit cryptocurrency into your account to order your card. Once you have passed the BlockCard identification check you are instantly given access to a virtual card within your account. A physical card is then mailed to you in 7-10 days. You can also connect your card with Google and Apple Pay.

BlockCard also promotes the ability for users to stay in cryptocurrency until they use their card to make a purchase. This enables the user to easily add or remove funds to their card. Other crypto card options might make the user convert to USD when they fund their card making it harder for the user to withdraw back into cryptocurrency.

BlockCard supports 12 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, as well as some smaller currencies like Basic Attention Token and Stellar Lumen.

How about the fees? It is claimed to have No crypto transaction fees, No crypto exchange fees, and No crypto deposit fees. More details below:

Monthly Subscription Fee : $5.00 ($0/waived if spending more than $750 in non-cash transactions per month)

POS Transaction (swiping the card) : $0.00

PIN Transaction Fee (Domestic) : $1.00

PIN Transaction Fee (Int’l) : $2.00

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (Domestic) : $3.00

ATM Cash Withdrawal Declined Fee (Domestic) : $0.50

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (Int’l) : $3.50

ATM Cash Withdrawal Declined Fee (Int’l) : $1.00

ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (Domestic) : $0.50

Note: A separate surcharge fee may be charged by the ATM owner.

Customer Service Fee for PIN updates 1-833-316-6052: $0.00

Activation & Card Fee : $10.00 (plastic + virtual) / $50.00 (metal + virtual)

Card Replacement Fee (incl. Lost or Stolen Replacement) : $10.00 (plastic) / $50.00 (metal)

Account Closure/Balance Refund Fee : $0.00

Bank Transaction Fees ACH Transaction Fee: $1.00

Wire Transaction Fee: $20.00

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