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Sweatcoin- Get Paid by Walking

It's a little bit hard to believe it but there is a cryptocurrency that pays you for walking. Sweatcoin built a clever little app using step verification algorithm to convert your outdoor steps into a virtual currency, which you can spend on real goods and services.

No matter how active you are, your steps now count for something. By earning and spending your Sweatcoin, you make immediate gains and enjoy long-term benefits.

Who pays for the rewards coin? The brands, insurers, and healthcare providers on the platform connect with people like those who like to walk, value health, and love to spend time outdoors. Obviously they like to target the correct market, and will pay more to advertise to specific groups of fit people, rather than sedentary office workers :)

By collecting your step count from your phone's pedometer and comparing it with your GPS location, Sweatcoin can verify steps using the algorithm. This allows them to convert into Sweatcoins.

You can trade Sweatcoin for goods, services and experiences like headspace meditation, audiobooks, Skullcandy Headphones, and Harry's Facial Care.

Currently, Sweatcoin is only available in several countries including the US, UK, and Australia.

Sweatcoins can only be earned by physical movement, and are therefore not purchasable within Sweatcoin App.

There are a number of unregulated peer-to-peer exchanges out there that provide markets for users to buy and sell Sweatcoins.

These have no affiliation with Sweatco Ltd. and they advise caution if you are considering going down this path. Please do your research and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Overall these coins support you to have health physically and mentally.

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