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0x (ZRX) - wrap up your troubles and smile

0x (read: zero x) is a protocol that facilitates the peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. This technology is used to power decentralized exchanges. 0x is actually one of the first projects to focus on a DEX protocol having been founded in 2016. DEX (decentralized exchanges) is an exchange where traders do not have to rely on a centralized market maker to facilitate the trades, it can all be done person-to-person. 0x is a protocol that wants to streamline trading with off-chain orders using theory empowered smart contracts.

The protocol serves as an open standard and common building block for any developer needing exchange functionality. 0x provides secure smart contracts that are externally audited, developer tools tailored to the 0x ecosystem, and open access to a pool of shared liquidity. Developers can integrate with 0x at the smart contract or application layer.

0x or ZRX is software that aims to incentivize a network of users to create and operate new kinds of markets that don’t rely on traditional financial intermediaries.

With 0x, users can create markets for crypto assets representing any form of value – these could include markets for tokens representing physical real estate, tokens representing shares of stocks and bonds, to tokens representing other crypto assets.

ZRX is used to incentivize users to host and maintain order books for 0x markets. In exchange for this essential service, 0x users gain exposure to fees paid when traders buy and sell assets on the platform, and they may earn additional rewards denominated in ZRX.

In this way, ZRX is essential to the protocol’s governance system, as those who hold the asset have the ability to vote on changes to the software. (For instance, token holders may be able to vote to increase or decrease the fees users pay and earn.)

0x is a software that allows users to create custom crypto-asset markets.

Using the 0x protocol, users can both tokenize assets and buy and sell tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Two types of users are needed to operate any 0x market:

  • Makers – Those providing liquidity to the order book. Makers place orders on the exchange that do not trade immediately; rather, they wait for it to be matched.

  • Takers – Those who take liquidity from the order book. Takers place orders that are instantly matched with existing orders.

The 0x order book is maintained by the protocol’s relayers. Relayers are tasked with facilitating communication between 0x order books and the transactions that settle on a blockchain.

When a user makes a trade, makers submit cryptographically signed orders to a relayer who then posts them to the order book for a transaction fee. These orders can contain the token being traded, desired price, and the expiration date.

Once an order is ready to be executed, 0x uses smart contracts running on Ethereum to match a taker’s demand with a maker’s orders, transferring the tokens between users.

Of note is that relayers do not take custody of the assets in any trade, as transactions happen on the blockchain.

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ZRX can be purchased in various leading cryptocurrency exchanges is one of the leading cryptocurrencies, the ones we recommend are :

1. Binance Exchange - you can purchase 0x on Binance using your mobile phone or desktop. You only need to follow the step as instructed. You can also receive a 25% discount on trading fees using Binance Coin (BNB) instead of cash. Use the link above for a bonus 10% discount

2. MCO/CRO - this is a favorite for many reasons, as you can earn interest on a wide variety of coins, as well as apply for a crypto debit card. This operates similar to a pre-paid Visa card, where you top up before use, however, you can choose to top up with cash or crypto. For example, you can transfer Bitcoin (BTC) to the card and spend it like cash, or let it sit in the account and earn interest. Rates of interest on deposits vary from 2% up to 10% or more. New investors may receive up to $50 when using the above link to create a new account.

3. CoinBase is a platform to purchase 0x using a credit card or even your Bank Account. You only need to follow the steps and link your Bank Account or Credit Card for purchasing your first cryptocurrency. Use this link and you can get AUD 13.84 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell AUD 138.41 or more.

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