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Upcoming ICO's, offers & affiliates

There are over 2000+ coins already and new coins are coming out every day. We cannot profile all of them but here are some we like

  • Aircoin - a crypto currency for use when booking short-stay holidays, like AirBnB, as well as for longer-term house rentals

  • BitXcoin - a unique coin which is asset-backed by real estate, giving it intrinsic value and a safety net. Authors of the books on this site are early investors into this one.

  • BoatCoin - decentralised boat exchange, like Uber for luxury boats :)

  • Boston - the first "coin of coins". A safe and diversified asset-backed investment: you buy one coin which invests into up to 200 top cryptos and up to 200 of the top technology stocks.

  • - a dating site where users can rate, auction themselves or bid on others using special coins.

  • Blocklancer - similar to elance or Odesk, a decentralised site for outsourcing, freelancers, PA's, VA's and more.

  • AppCoins -- a coin for the 200 Million app users, decentralised from Apple etc.

  • PubliQ -- decentralised news media, run by journalists and not controlled by government

  • Sether - decentralised social media network, like Facebook; users are paid to publish stories and photos, using the Sether coin. Antivirus tycoon John McAfee is an advisor

  • -- an incredible "smart card" which can store currencies from up to 15 cryptos, plus store up to 10 credit cards or debits cards, plus up to 5 rewards cards. Smart!

  • -- the coin used to buy (legal) cannabis (for medicinal use). Medical marijuana coin

  • ViceToken - ad-supported ICO where users are paid to watch adult films. They have an interesting whitepaper and have trademarked the phrase "Get Paid to Watch Porn"

  • SONO coin -- a completely anonymous crypto, stored as a sound or audio file, which can be sent or received with no need for government or banking ID verification.

  • Skirt -- a decentralised p2p coin used for the adult entertainment industry

  • eHab -- a solution for the housing crisis, providing low-cost housing

  • snagride - a decentralised "uber" for drivers and cars

  • Crypterium -- a way to pay for purchases with crypto currency in traditional merchant facilities, with up to 42 million businesses accepting payments

  • HeroToken -- bringing banking to the third world unbanked and underbanked in SE Asia

  • - a system for using all phones as free global wifi for the masses

  • GigaWatt - enjoy 50-year rent-free access to the Gigagwatt processing network, providing blockchain networks, mining rigs and more to serious crypto clients

  • RentBerry -- consider if renting a house for 12 months was as quick and easy as renting a motel or an AirBnB apartment. That's the speed which blockchain can bring to the traditional rental market. RentBerry will shake up the realtors and property managers, turning a week of paperwork into an instant point and click.

  • FireLotto -- the decetralised blockchain for playing world lotteries (which are sometimes outlawed in some countries). With a 70% payout ratio, and complete anonymity, this will be a game-changer for many people. You don't have to gamble if you don't want to, and you can still profit from those who do :)


  • -- funny name but cool idea. If you've ever travelled anywhere you will know two things: 1) wifi is damn expensive, and 2) phonecalls can be very expensive whilst away from home. BubbleTone solves these problems using blockchain and your smartphone to access local exchanges whilst looking like a local SIM. No need to change cards, keep your same number and you can access lower rates, wherever you are. Use this link to receive 1% to 5% bonus.

  • Dorado -- king of the drones. Dorado claims that drones can deliver small parcels 600% more inexpensively than using human couriers, as well as twice as fast (as they don't stop for red lights). A viable alternative for pizza delivery, services like Foodora, UberEats, Deliveroo and even the postal service, Dorado is amazing. In an unusual-for-ICO move, profits from the company will be paid at a rate of 7% of profits paid quarterly to investors, so it's a "buy and hold for income" investment, not just buy and hope for a gain.


  • Bankera (BNK) -- currently available exclusively through SpectroCoin, Bankera aims to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional banking. They have recently purchased an actual bank, and aim to offer traditional banking and portfolio services alongside a fee-free crypto exchange and a crypto debit card.


ChronoBase (BASE) -- linking ancient tech and new tech: the blockchain meets Swiss Watches. Currently you can check to see whether your new purchase has been stolen, if it's an iPhone or a car, but what about that antique Swiss watch for sale on eBay? ChronoBase uses blockchain technology to register collectable watches on a secure decentralised database and ensure your investment or transaction has Proof of Ownership.

Other new ICO's coming up - click here or image below

Upcoming ICO's

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