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The link between other blockchains is Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is a cryptocurrency that gives you smart contracts and secure access to data feeds, APIs and payments. Chainlink(LINK) can be bought and invested through major exchanges, here I will show you how to buy Chainlink (LINK) using CoinBase. You can easily purchase many cryptocurrencies at CoinBase using your credit card or even Bank Account.

Step One: Create CoinBase Account

1. Head to the CoinBase website

Create your account and fill in the requested field

Then you will ask to verify your email address.

2. Next step you ask to fill in your phone number to get the verification code.

You will need to fill in those fields before uploading your government-issued ID card.

US and UK customers will need to complete an ID verification for documents and an ID verification for a profile

Other customers will need to verify two IDs of different types. Passport, driver's license, or government-issued ID cards are acceptable forms of ID; health cards and student IDs are not accepted

Once you verify your ID, you may link a bank account or select Start Trading.

Please use this referral link for CoinBase and get AUD 13.84 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell AUD 138.41 or more.

Now it's time to buy the ChainLink (LINK), the first is buying at the market price. This is the current price at which ChainLink (LINK) trading. Please note that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, there is no guarantee the price will drop nor rise to some point. If your first purchase request does not go through within a few seconds, you may need to adjust the amount and try again. Repeat as necessary until confirmed.

Once your purchase of ChainLink has been completed, it will be delivered to your CoinBase wallet within a few minutes and show up as a new balance.

When you have your new ChainLink, you can decide whether you will hold it for the short term or "HODL" it for the longer-term. If you think you may like to hold this asset for a longer-term (eg. three months, six months, or 12 months), it may be possible for you to earn interest on your ChainLink by "staking". This is similar to a bank deposit where you can earn interest.

Two options for staking are:

1) Celsius -- this is what we use for BostonCoin, and operates similar to a bank, where you can deposit and earn interest, or borrow against an asset to receive cash or coins. Interest rates may vary from 2% up to 10% or more, depending on how stable the coin is seen to be. New investors may receive up to $20 when using the above link to create a new account.

2) MCO/CRO -- this is a favorite for many reasons, as you can earn interest on a wide variety of coins, as well as apply for a crypto debit card. This operates similar to a pre-paid Visa card, where you top up before use, however, you can choose to top up with cash or crypto. For example, you can transfer bitcoin to the card and spend it like cash, or let it sit in the account and earn interest. Rates again vary from 2% up to 10% or more. New investors may receive up to $50 when using the above link to create a new account.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" section of the homepage and we will do our best to assist you.

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