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CoinJar Swipe Card

CoinJar Swipe is Australia’s first digital currency EFTPOS card, powered by CoinJar. With it, you can convert your digital currency to Australian Dollars and use those funds to make purchases at any Australian EFTPOS terminal. It’s quick, seamless, and is supported at thousands of locations across Australia.

Heading somewhere that doesn’t accept card? You can also use CoinJar Swipe to get cash out at any Australian ATM or merchant with cash out facilities. Within moments, you can have your digital currencies converted into cash in your pocket. Check your Swipe balance and transaction history at any time simply by signing in to your CoinJar.

CoinJar Swipe can be used at any EFTPOS terminal Australia-wide. You can use your Swipe card to go see a movie, pick up some groceries, shout your friend a coffee, or take cash out at an ATM.

Because CoinJar Swipe is currently an EFTPOS only card, it does not include Maestro capabilities. This means it cannot yet connect to the Cirrus network, which is what most commonly allows Australian cards to function overseas or online. CoinJar Card supports 17 different cryptos and will most likely support even more cryptos in the future. With respect to fiat currencies, CoinJar Card supports AUD.

As 1 January 2021 , please be advised that this card is currently only open to citizens and permanent residents of Australia.



The card from CoinJar also offers something very interesting: a cashback feature. Every time you use the card, a fixed amount gets transferred back to you. CoinJar Swipe has a fixed amount for each transaction, regardless of the size of the amount of the transaction. For more details please check the CoinJar Rewards Store

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