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Day trading? Higher risk, higher return

For those who wish to make returns of 20% to 100% in a year, buy and HODL

For those who wish to make returns of 20% to 100% (or more) in a single day, you may like to consider #daytradingcrypto.

WARNING: it is also possible to lose 20% to 100% in a single day. Day trading crypto (especially trading with leverage, or borrowed funds) will magnify both gains and losses.

This strategy is only for those who have a solid basis in investing and risk management. It is recommended that you invest into a good trading course, with solid backup and up-to-the-minute tips. Do not base a strategy on something you saw for free on Youtube, which may be biased, out of date, or offered by someone who has only one day more experience than you do ;)

Second Warning: do not use trading bots, algorithms or automatic trading instruments. These "black box" or "robotrader" tools are not as smart as the human mind (and often not as smart as a Roomba). They cannot be updated for market conditions, news media, crypto announcements or macroeconomic factors. Learn how to DIY and you will never be at the mercy of an inferior machine which can break, fail or disappear.

We recommend and use My Bitcoin Academy (MBA) -- the instructors have been trading for years in the crypto space, and they have 4-6 live video calls each week, as well as hundreds of hours of back-catalog training, which is constantly updated as markets change. There are instructors of different ages, genders, backgrounds and styles, so you will be sure to find one which you like.

First, master the buy and HODL. Then learn to trade safely and profitably (if you wish to do so) from those with many years of experience.


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