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How to invest into Neo: the "Chinese Ethereum"

Neo (formerly Antshares) is often referred to as a "Chinese Etherium" or the "Ethereum Killer". Neo is the first decentralized open-source cryptocurrency blockchain platform launched in China.

Neo is a distributed network for the smart economy and Neo's goal speaks volumes about the smart economy concept and to be the leaders in the effort of building a smart economy.

Neo theoretically describes it as: digital assets + digital identity + smart contract = Smart economy

Neo aims to convert traditional assets into digital by using smart contracts. Users are able to record, buy, sell, exchange or circulate various kinds of assets. Those digital assets will be decentralized and will be protected by law using digital certifications on the blockchain; the implication is that this will guarantee trust.

Digital identity from Neo will enable the creation of identity information of organizations and individuals in electronic form. Those identities will be usable via multi-factor authentication mechanisms such as facial recognition, fingerprint, voice recognition, and SMS.

Smart contracts: Neo's universal lightweight virtual mechanism has high certainty and high scalability for smart contracts based on this blockchain. Neo will support the development of decentralized applications by contributing to supporting and developing more development tools and techniques.

Some examples of the central applications are smart funds, assisted legal smart contracts and decentralized exchanges.

Neo has two crypto tokens: Neo, previously known as Antshares and Gas known as Antcoins. It supports programming in all mainstream languages including C++, Java, Go, Python, and Kotlin which facilitates a large community of developers to easily contribute to its platform.

The reasons you should invest in Neo:

  1. NEO was China’s first blockchain project to receive a nod of approval from regulators. Interestingly, the Chinese government has embraced the project, even after shuttering exchanges in the country. The firm is one of only a select few cryptocurrencies allowed to operate in China at this time. This support and the nationalistic feeling behind the project have led many to call the project “Chinese Ethereum.”

  2. This year, the announcement of a major upgrade to Neo3. Neo3 upgrade is set to be the company's largest to date. In addition to the introduction of the new governance models, the upgrade will bring more interoperability into the sector. Specifically, the platform will gain more cross-chain capabilities. Currently, developers are experimenting with these protocols. They have set up Testnets with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ontology.

Neo is not hard to find in the market; you can purchase in several exchanges below with some additional reward by clicking the link below:

1. Binance Exchange - you can purchase Binance Coin (BNB) using your mobile phone or desktop. You only need to follow the step as instructed. You can also receive a 25% discount on trading fees using Binance Coin (BNB). Use the link above for a bonus 10% discount

2. CoinBase - this is one of the most popular platforms because it is easy to use on your phone or tablet and is available in most countries. On CoinBase you will also find many of the top 100 coins. CoinBase will send email confirmations for another layer of security if you are using PC. CoinBase also can be used on your phone. When you join CoinBase you can get AUD 13.84 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell AUD 138.41 or more, by using the above link.

3. MCO/CRO - this is a favourite for many reasons, as you can earn interest on a wide variety of coins, as well as apply for a crypto debit card. This operates similar to a pre-paid Visa card, where you top up before use, however, you can choose to top up with cash or crypto. For example, you can transfer Bitcoin (BTC) to the card and spend it like cash, or let it sit in the account and earn interest. Rates of interest on deposits vary from 2% up to 10% or more. New investors may receive up to $50 when using the above link to create a new account.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" section of the homepage and we will do our best to assist you.


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