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Wirex Crypto-Friendly Card

Wirex Visa card gives you the power to spend digital and traditional currencies seamlessly, everywhere Visa is accepted. Wirex card provided free fiat-to-fiat exchange, free international ATM withdrawals, no card or account fees, and high limits.

Wirex Visa Card is a multi-currency card that automatically makes payments in the local currency without exchange fees. It supports 150+ currencies and is accepted at more than 54 million locations with free ATM withdrawals worldwide, which is making the Wirex Visa Card a perfect travel companion. Join their cryptocurrency rewards program to earn up to 1.5% Cryptoback™ on every in-store purchase.

Wirex Visa Card also supports 19 cryptos. In the Wirex account, they provided a fully customizable dashboard to hide currencies you don't use and keep the ones you want. Top up the wallets by credit card, debit card, or cryptocurrency transfer. You can track payments and manage your spending with live-app messages.

Wirex Visa Card now available mostly in Europe and some parts of Asia Pacific.

For details of Wirex card fees below:

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